Make God, Your God

So for the most part, I don’t have a problem with the 10 commandments.  God’s commandments are a great “guide” to live your life by: wise counsel to keep you humble and stay on track.  Do not kill: when your husband and kids get on your last nerve critical to keep in mind.  Do not covet your neighbors goods: when your neighbor drives into their driveway with their 12th car (and only 2 drivers in their home), but you have to wait for your husband to get home because you share the same carawesome one to keep in mind.  Even keep the Sabbath Day holy is essential – cuz you know Sunday football beckons so many people away from church with its’ melodic siren call.  But the one commandment that never bothered me was Do NOT Serve Other gods Nor Worship False idols.  Dude!  I’m all over that one – literally over it because Buddha and little statues are not my “thing”.  But you know how you brag to God about something you completely nailed – so proud and self assured – and then he comes back with …. well have you considered….. and then Wham!  revelation hits  you like a hard smack on the backside?  Well, that’s what happened to me one day.  He showed me that I was actually creating a tiny little trophy room of idols – but just too spiritually blind to see it!

We tend to see the bible and the commandments sometimes as an old time book with weird customs and rules.  But remember: God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  So issues they had thousands of years ago, we still got plaguing us today – just in a modern day form.  Satan knows how to package his temptation – back then it was false gods and little bittty statues people created and worshipped.  Today, its the need for approval and to”fit in” that drives us to make our jobs, our bank accounts, our possessions, and even kids … our gods.  The best part of us creating our own gods is …. well if we made them, we control them.  Essentially, we are saying, “God – I got this: step aside and let me run the show.”

I think both you and I know the flaw of this strategy.  We can never fill His shoes!  We might try them on – like we did our mom and dads shoes when we were children.  But just like putting on those play shoes long ago with their loose fit and awkward stride, we fail miserably walking in God’s shoes too.

Whenever the people of God conquered an area, they were commanded to destroy all idols and high (or low) places of worship.  This is so they would not be tempted to follow the filthy customs of the people they conquered.  In most cases, they had to get rid of the people too.  God demands total cleasning – not just washing the feet and hands but the whole body.  We need to take 2 Corinthians 10:4-5 to heart (the weapons of warfare are mighty in God for pulling down strongholds, casting down arguments and everything that exalts itself above the knowledge of God).  That everything in the old ancient text is translated as EVERYTHING.  This also means we are packing some mighty fire power – cuz it comes from God!  So ……  “dog gone it”, use ‘dem weapons to fight!!! (Umm pardon my canine).

We need to focus our energy, strength, and attention directly towards God – our source.  Paul said,  “I resolved to know nothing but Jesus Christ and Him crucified.”  If we focus on the only one, true God – he turns into a Big “G” – God and the other stuff we worry, focus, and fret so much about that draws us away from Him turn into a little “g” god.

God was never meant to play second fiddle in our lives. But He gives us free will. That free will allows us to make choices and decision that will either draw us closer or farther from Him. As any good father, it breaks His heart when we choose to draw away. But like a good father, He is not about micro-managing control (though some misinformed christians and non-christians would disagree).  God knows if you give someone a fish, they eat one day.  If you teach them how to fish, they eat every day.  God lets us make our own choices with our free will so that we learn to eat every day.  We need to make the choice to keep God as our “número uno” – Lord of our life, King of Kings, Almighty God, the One True Lord and Savior.

So you roll your eyes and say, Oh that’s easy to say – but doing it?  Not so much.  I’m living life in the trenches!  With so many competing gods trying to steal us away on a weekly, daily, hourly basis … Ain’t nobody got time to be all sanctified and holy everyday!   But that’s where you are wrong.  It’s actually not that hard!  We just need to “keep our minds stayed on Jesus”.

It’s just like driving with a GPS device that gives us directions.  As long as we keep our eyes and ears focused on that device while we drive and trust that it won’t lead us astray, we will  reach our destination and not get lost.  The same principle applies spiritually.   If we keep our eyes, ears, and hearts focused and trusting on God (His Word, His ways through prayer, study, praise, and worship), we will stay on track.

Bottom line: We need to make God, our God – not money, not titles, not possessions, not even people (like the little people in our lives: our kids).  Resolve to put God first in every aspect of your life.  The word says, “Seek the Kingdom of Heaven first and everything else will be added to you.”  Seek Gods counsel, move when and if he says move, and it will all work out!  You can’t lose!

Seriously ….We need to make a commitment to make GOD, our God.


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  1. Tami says:

    This was on point and on time! We often can’t/don’t see the idols that we have created and are following. Thanks for the reminder.


  2. Chuck says:

    This was a great word today for me. You said ‘As any good father, it breaks His heart when we choose to draw away.’. This was a revelation for me while studying last night. This is no different than our childern not talking to us because of their mood or decided to close their bedroom door. On us. It pains me, and it’s no difference to God when I shut him out doing the exact same thing. It pains Him because he put His life on the cross for ME, and I treat Him like this. For some reason I decided to check in and see if you had posted any new blogs and this one I decided to re-read and it was confirmation for me in the end. Looking forward to your next one.

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