One Smooth Stone

There was this boy named David.  He was the youngest of his family.  He had older brothers and a father who pretty much considered him inconsequential, a trivial thing.  When a man of God came to their home and told the father, Jesse, to line up all his sons (he was to anoint one King), Jesse didn’t even bother to notify David.  Ironically, David was actually the one God had chosen to be king.  One day though, little David stepped into a destiny that no one could have imagined.  David confronted a giant.  His name was Goliath.

If you have spent any time in church, you have heard this story over and over.  The great story is told from the church nursery rooms all the way into the sanctuary (directly from the pulpit).  It’s an awesome reminder of what God can do – take the least and make the most.

Goliath was a giant.  The account says he was HUGE!  Not only a full grown man but also of amazingly, large stature.  The Message Bible translation says he was 10ft tall! Goliath was with the Philistine army – Israel’s enemy.  He was a seasoned and mighty warrior.  He practically came out of the womb weilding a sword in hand.  His body armor alone probably weighed more than David.  And all of Israel was terrified of him – one man!  No one could beat him or would even try.  Not only were they scared but they had lost their hope.

Let’s stop at this point.  Are you facing a giant today?  Is there something confronting you: an insurmountable obstacle, challenge, or problem that has you up at night with worry and fret?  I definitely know how that feels.  I have had my share of problems that are way too big for me to handle.  It can feel like you’re between a rock and a hard place.  That’s exactly where the Israelite army had landed themselves.   And Goliath knew it!  He taunted them!  Yelling insults across the valley that separated the two armies.

But then David steps on the scene.  He hears Goliaths’ mocking chants.  And here’s where it gets interesting: he wasn’t scared.  He was mad!  Whattttt????  His response was: who in the world has the nerve to taunt “the armies of the Living God”?  He told the king, “Don’t worry, I got this.  I’ll kill this giant.”  Of course the king thought the idea of David (a little boy who’s only work experience was tending to his fathers sheep) fighting Goliath was ridiculous!  But David wasn’t looking at his abilities to defeat the enemy.  He was looking at God’s ability!   The Word tells us in Mark 10:27, “With man, it’s impossible but with God all things are possible!”  David caught this revelation before it was even written down!

David’s logic was that God had saved him from the lion and the bear while tending his father’s sheep so of course he would defeat this cackling giant who was picking a fight with God!  David picked up 3 smooth stones, launched one at the Goliath, hit him in his forehead, and the great giant fell dead!  Lights out, end of story!

As believers (children of the Most High God), we all have a bag with 3 smooth stones (Father, Son, Holy Spirit.)  All we need to do is let one smooth stone (Holy Spirit) out of our bag to assist us in defeating our giant.  But we have to get past our fear, step up to the giant, and call it out.  People are often unwilling to do this.  We sit on one side of the valley, cowering and scared, letting the taunts of the enemy defeat us more and more each day.  Eventually we lose heart.  You notice the moment David stepped on the scene, he took action.  Hesitation will allow the fear and doubt to settle in and take root.

When you are confronted with a giant in your life, immediately spring into action:

1) Take inventory – you have all the weapons you need to defeat the giant, start counting your blessings and not your circumstances.

2) Take out the one smooth stone (Holy Spirit): pray asking to be filled with the Holy Spirit, pray for clarity and direction, pray frequently and fervently – without ceasing, seek God, seek revelation of the bible that promises victory over your particular giant.

3)  Take action (launch that stone) at the head of the giant – don’t throw your stone at something smaller, aim for that giant – the real enemy.  Sometimes people will lash out at their close, loved ones when they are really mad at a painful incident in their past – fight the right enemy.

God IS willing and able.  He’s given you everything you need to defeat your enemy.  You just have to muster up the faith to step up to the giant and launch your stone.  God will do the rest.


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  1. ialvarado821 says:

    Excellent lesson this morning. Thanks for continuing to inspire.

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  2. ialvarado821 says:

    Excellent lesson this morning. Thank you for continuing to inspire.

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  3. Tami says:

    That was good

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  4. Chuck says:

    This was a very good reminder that with God all things are possible. ‘If God is for us then who can be against us.’.Romans 8:31

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  5. Ufuomaee says:

    I so love this post! I want to share it on the Spotlight tomorrow! God bless you for sharing 🙂

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    1. Thanks for reading! Please feel free to share any of my posts. This blog is a great reminder that we don’t need a lot to defeat our “giants.” When we rely on our strength – we fail. When we rely on God, we win. If God is for us, who can be against us – 🙂blessings!!

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      1. Ufuomaee says:

        Amen! Thanks 🙂


  6. says:

    I Often wondered why David carried more than one stone to battle Goliath. Maybe he waivered in his faith a bit, like most of us do in our quest against the Giants we face. It’s so hard to trust completely in what God is capable of.

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    1. I completely agree!!! The Spirit is willing but sometimes the flesh (faith, circumstances, confidence, etc.) can be so weak! Thanks for sharing your insight!

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